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Wonderful Technique to alleviate sinus pain and also sinus headaches.

A great technique for the relief of sore throats

If you suffer from sinus headaches, tension headaches or even toothache try this!

Cough Relief and useful for Asthma too

A fabulous Stress Relief Technique!!

Stress Relief

If you wish to download this amazing technique to help with stress - particularly stress induced IBS then please click the download buttonDownload here 


A wonderful Technique to balance and increase your energies as well as helping insomnia


Fantastic Kinesiology Technique to re-programme negative habits!! A great technique for treating fears and phobias but also achieving goals etc.

Energy Balancing Technique – great for co-ordination, concentration and energy boosting

Three Thumps – Energy Boosters

Great technique for those who are fearful

Introduction to Dry Body Brushing