As we finally find ourselves heading towards the warmer weather we can finally feel we are coming out of hibernation. I love this time of year as it means lighter nights, better weather and more time outside but it also means that we may be noticing how our skin feels after being shut away in centrally heated rooms over winter. So to get you ready for ‘exposing yourself’ to the world here are my 20 top tips for glowing skin!!

Top tip no 1:  

Sweat it out!  Gross as it may seem sweating is actually great for the skin as it increases the blood circulation in the body and skin feeding the skin and making it healthy and glowing.  So why not start with some gentle jogging or fast walking to help get that blood circulating and build up a sweat! Just make sure you wash with some cool water soon afterwards so your skin is left clean.

Woman running - sweating

Top Tip 2

Learning to breathe fully is essential for releasing toxins from the body so hopping onto your yoga mat does more than just create a bendy body (although that is not what yoga is about but I’ll leave that one for another blog) !!

Conscious breath helps cleanse the entire body and leaves the skin glowing and refreshed.

Top tip 3

Meditate every day! Stress really does affect the body and the skin making the jaw tense and stopping that much needed blood flow to the face through tension in the neck.  Learning to meditate is a great way to help relieve that stress – you don’t very often see people who meditate regularly with dull skin!!

Top tip 4

They say you are what you eat – well it is true – health starts with what you put IN your body! If your digestion is slow and sluggish it can cause the body to be full of toxins and this will show on the face and in the skin – and pretty much make you feel lousy.  Eating natural proteins like fish, nuts and white meat and also grains like quinoa, buckwheat and brown rise are all fab for your skin.

Top Tip 5

Although it is important to get out and about in nature don’t forget that UV rays can be damaging to the skin so although we do need Vitamin D from the sun, too much exposure can lead to ageing skin and worse skin cancer so be mindful of the times you are outside and make sure you wear a sun screen.

Top tip 6

Drink lots of water! Water really is wonderful for clearing out toxins from the body, it also purifies the skin from impurities.  Plain water is best but you can add some fruit, vegetables or herbs into your water to improve the skin on a cellular level.

Top Tip 7

One of my top tips – cleanse the skin.  Cleansing cleans the skin of day to day dirt, grime and make up, clears the pores and makes you feel good.  Make sure that the cleanser you use is natural, and doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils.

Top tip 8

Pimples!!!  Say no more – we all get them from time to time but DON’T pop them however tempting it is!!  Popping pimples can lead to scars, inflammation and redness.  Some homemade remedies to try are: toothpaste, calamine lotion, lemon juice, tea tree oil or even egg white left on the pimples overnight!!

Top tip 9

Its really important to exfoliate the skin!  This clears the surface of dead skin cells which actually makes it easier for the products you put on afterwards, like moisturisers, to work – they can be absorbed into the skin better.  Natural exfoliants include oats, orange peel or lentil powder!!

Top tip 10

Use a toner!!  Some people  avoid this step and it is important in so many ways.  It is the first layer of moisture you put back in the skin, and adds that extra layer of protection from the outside world.

Top tip 11

We’ve mentioned earlier about toxins in the body so trying to avoid sugars, alcohol and salty snacks can all help detox the skin and make it glow.

Top tip 12

Again goes with the daily cleansing – make up really should be removed at the end of the day.  Make up clogs the pores making the skin look dull and more prone to spots and acne.  It may be the last thing you want to do if you are tired but your skin will thank you for it.

Top tip 13

Leave stress behind. We’ve mentioned that meditation is great for stress but stress really does create havoc with your skin as it releases the stress hormone cortisol.  Leave that stress behind by exercising more, meditating or even having a lovely massage. – Self care is so important.

Top tip 14

Get your daily dose of Vitamin C!  Vitamin C is wonderful for healthy, flawless skin.  Vitamin C helps enhance your complexion, improves collagen production, enhances your skins brightness, and enhances your skin’s ability to protect itself from the damage of UV rays from the sun. 

Top tip 15

Eat less Sugar and salt

We’ve already mentioned about what toxins can do to the skin and eating less sugar and salt will really create a more glowing complexion.  Sugar can cause the skin to dry out and cause wrinkling of the skin. Salt can cause us to retain water, which can lead to bloating, and swelling and also can enhance skin dryness. 

Top tip 16

Soothe on some aloe vera!! Aloe vera is a fab product that contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants which help the skin tremendously.  Having a handy aloe vera plant in your house will give you an unending source of this amazing elixir.  It also is fabulous at soothing the skin if you overdid the sun (see top tip 5!!)

Top tip 17

Don’t touch your face throughout the day!

Another biggie! Touching or picking at our faces throughout the day can pass germs that are on our fingers to the skin and that can help to spread viruses, germs and allergens around the skin.

Top tip 18

Support your Microbiome

Supporting good gut health by eating foods rich in probiotics like kefir, kombucha or live yoghurt can all help keep your gut healthy.  Having a healthy gut can help keep skin clear and healthy.

Top tip 19

Age more gracefully with Coconut oil

I love coconut oil. Using coconut oil is a fab way of protecting the skin (unless you are allergic to it of course)!!  It acts a bit like the oils your own skin secretes. Its also protects the skin as it is antiviral, and anti fungal leaving you with healthier and glowing skin!

Top tip 20

Pass on the Pre-prepared and processed foods

Ready made and processed foods having low nutrient value.  This doesn’t give the skin what it needs to stay healthy.  Packaged foods are also low in water content compared to fresh fruit and veg.  Water is needed to detox the skin but also it helps regulate oil production.

So there you have it! A few simple tips to help you maintain that glowing skin. If you have any further natural top tips I’d love to hear them.

My name is Julie Elder and I am a complementary therapist/yoga teacher at Totally Holistic Health.  I am passionate about helping your body stay healthy in a natural and holistic way.

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