What has Hay Fever got to do with a bucket!??

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I am currently promoting Hay-Fever Remedies in my therapy practice.

‘That’s a bit early’ I hear you cry! Well not really – rather than waiting for the symptoms to start and then reaching for the anti histamine, wouldn’t it be great if you could nip it in the bud BEFORE it starts?!

Pollen in plant

That’s where Kinesiology comes in.

Kinesiology (pronounced Kin-Easy-ology) is a therapy that originates from acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy and Chinese medicine.

As a treatment it assesses you on every level – mentally, structurally, chemically (nutritionally) and your energy systems.

For someone to be truly healthy all four systems need to be functioning well and in harmony with each other.

If you can imagine trying to fill a holey bucket with water – with the holes being the body’s energetic, structural, emotional and/or chemical systems, unless we manage to fix those holes the body cannot be balanced and well.

We therefore have to make sure the ‘bucket’ is full and fixed before we can do any testing for allergies and hay fever. If it is not then the bucket/body will be trying to fill itself as well as trying to deal with the allergy too.

This is why we have to make sure the body is balanced and fixed before the hay fever season so you have a greater chance for your body to be able to deal with the allergens that cause hay fever.


Kinesiology lets the body reveal precisely where the problem is located (or in this case how the allergen that causes hay fever is affecting the body) and exactly what the body needs to do in order for it to be healed – in other words how the body can remain balanced and not be affected by the allergen. This means the problem is corrected at the source often permanently.

It is a truly holistic treatment and is simple and gentle and suitable for children and adults alike so if you feel that you want to do away with popping those pills once and for all just get in contact with me – Julie Elder for your FREE telephone consultation on 01613742602 or email me at info@totallyholistichealth.co.uk

Julie Elder about me.

Julie Elder
Totally Holistic Health

This month we also have a prize draw to enter. Book your hayfever treatment before Easter and be in with a chance to win a FREE bottle of Quercetin and Nettle supplement just to give your body that extra boost.

This daily supplement helps relieve seasonal discomfort and take the sting out of summer.  Antioxidant vitamins C and Vitamin E help protect cells from oxidative stress, with vitamin C also contributing to the normal function of your immune system.

Quercitin and Nettle

Win a FREE Quercetin and nettle supplement

So why not book online HERE and get ahead of the game this year!??

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Totally Holistic Health

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