What Everyone Needs to Know About Summer Allergies and Hay-Fever

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Earlier this month in my blog about what Hayfever is we looked at the causes and also I gave you some ideas on how to prevent the onset of those pesky Summer Allergies and Hay-fever by offering up some natural Hayfever prevention options. With the Summer allergy season seemingly starting earlier each year what can we do to help the body once we’ve actually succumbed??



As an allergy is an immune response to an allergen then anything we can do to boost the immune system is a bonus. A good multivitamin and also an antioxidant should help. Antioxidants which are Vitamins such as A, C and E act as a natural anti histamine which will help control that streaming nose. Obviously plenty of citrus fruits – preferably organic will also help to boost that Vitamin C intake.

The more medicinal route would be to use steroid tablets, which can have serious side effect such as diabetes, osteoporosis and blood vessel damage these are not really suitable for children either.

Over the counter antihistamines can cause a variety of side effects such as headaches, rashes, photo sensitivity amongst other more serious issues such as heart arrhythmia. Is it any wonder that people are looking for more natural approach?

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If runny, itchy eyes are your main problem then steroid based eye drops from over the counter which have been linked to glaucoma, cataracts, corneal damage and blindness should be avoided. There is always a more natural alternative.

The main option here is a herb called Euphrasia or eyebright   The clue is in the name. This can help relieve eye irritations and itchiness by reducing wateriness and inflammation in your mucous membranes. One of my favourite products for summer itchy eyes is this amazing White Tea eye gel – it also is a fabulous eye gel to help firm up the skin under the eyes – so a double whammy!

White tea eye gel


All the decongestant tablets that can be bought over the counter will reduce a blocked nose for a short time but the problem tends to be worse when you stop using them.

Generally avoiding dairy products during the hayfever season is advisable as these tend to increase the production of mucus.

Quercetin is a bioflavonoid that is anti inflammatory, antioxidant and has antihistamine properties – basically it deactivates the enzymes that produce inflammation and also strengthens the cell walls that would normally release histamine into the blood stream – so an important supplement to take.

Quercitin and Nettle can help Summer Allergies and Hay-fever

Often it takes a multifacted approach to relieve the symptoms of hay fever.

Some other options you should consider are:

  • Stress can trigger the release of excess levels of melatonin high levels of which can. So relax! Stress can have an effect on vulnerable individuals, for instance, those who suffer from asthma.
  • Get an ioniser. Ionisers release negative ions into the atmosphere to counter the over abundance of positive ions in a man-made environment. Positive ions are associated with triggering increased histamine release worsening the symptoms of allergies of all kinds. Himalayan salt lamps help regulate ions in the atmosphere

Salt Lamps can help Summer Allergies and Hay-fever

  • Check for allergies or sensitivities not just to milk but to things like wheat and eggs, as well as uncom­mon ones like certain types of fresh fruit and vegetables. They may be making your symptoms worse.
  • Keep windows and doors closed on high pollen days and change your clothes and wash your hair when you come in, as you will be bringing pollen into the house on these.
  • Cover your bed and pillows with a spare sheet during the day, and roll it up carefully before going to bed. This will help keep your bed pollen free.
  • Dry clothes and bedding indoors, as pollen can stick to clothes hanging outdoors to dry.

Washing on the line is not good for Summer Allergies and Hay-fever

So although summer allergies can be a pain there are alternatives to the more traditional over the counter remedies.

Don’t forget there are therapies that can help too.  Kinesiology is a excellent option if you are a regular sufferer and have had your fill of popping pills.

Until next time

Stay Healthy and Happy

Totally Holistic Health

Julie Elder is an experienced therapist specialising in helping the body heal holistically – tapping into the body’s innate ability to heal itself.
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  1. Melitta Campbell 1st July 2017 at 9:37 am #

    Interesting article, thanks! Personally, I take Bee Pollen tablets and find them to be a great help against hay fever. They are nutritionally dense and give you energy too which is a nice bonus : )

  2. admin 2nd July 2017 at 9:12 pm #

    Yes love a bit of Bee Pollen!

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