Simple Back Pain Advice

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I hope you are all drinking plenty of water – to help maintain optimum health it is beneficial to drink at least 8 glasses (one glass = 250ml) of water a day – this is roughly two litres which sounds alot but it is not if you spread it out throughout the day. Don’t forget you lose water whilst breathing, water is needed to help digest food as well as maintain cell health so on top of what you lose by sweating and going to the toilet you need to put back into the body.

Back Pain

Did you know alot of lower back pain can be cured if people drink more water!!

Deep inside the body is a muscle called the Iliopsoas which is generally the core muscles that everyone talks about. This is a big juicy muscle that requires alot of hydration for it to maintain optimum health. It basically runs from the diaphragm to the top of the thighs and is responsible for the automatic reflex of curling into a ball if the body needs to protect itself.

If this muscle is not hydrated enough then it’s usual range of movement is decreased meaning that it is difficult for the body to ‘uncurl’ itself and why so many people with a hydrated PSOAS feel pain in their lower back/lumbar region. By drinking more water the PSOAS ‘plumps’ up and the range of movemet is increased meaning that you will be able to stand up straighter and the lower back pain should decrease if this the cause. Try it you will be pleasantly surprised!! If this does not cure the problem then you may need to come and see your local Bowen Practitioner – me!!

For more information about Bowen Technique please feel free to hop over to HERE!

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