Bowen Technique - £40.00

Kinesiology - £40.00

Organic Natural Face Lift Massage - £40.00

Bowen Technique Kinesiology Organic 


For Holistic Treatments I charge for my time so each treatment is totally individual and can be customised to suit you.

60 minutes - £40.00

45 minutes - £32.00

30 minutes - £25.00

Relax and Restore

Feeling Under Par?

Organic Facials

Totally Holistic Health offers a variety of treatments for a different needs. 

Please feel free to browse through at which treatment you require. 

Treatments are split into different needs so dependent on what you are looking for please click on the boxes below.  If you are feeling under par then Kinesiology may be a good option.  For muscular aches and pains then Bowen Technique or Aromatherapy Massage.  To relax and restore the body you can choose Aromatherapy Massage, reflexology or maybe even reiki or a Tibetan Acupressure Massage. Feel free to contact me if you require any advice on 01613742602.  ar

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Muscular Aches and Pains

Mums to be and Little Ones

Why not treat that someone special - I offer personalised gift vouchers for that special someone!!  You can buy vouchers for a specific treatment - prices start at £25.00 OR just buy them a voucher for some time so they can choose?? 

Personalised gft voucher

Options include ReflexologyAromatherapy MassageOrganic Holistic FacialReikiTibetan Acupressure Head MassagePregnancy Massage, or the more remedial Bowen Technique and Kinesiology?  Please feel free to call me to help you with your options.  You can also order them online too: ORDER YOUR GIFT  VOUCHERS HERE