A Kansa Wand is an Ayurvedic massage tool made of bronze (copper, zinc and tin) which adds an additional dimension to a massage.

Massaging with the wand helps remove toxins, revitalise the skin and balance the body’s energy ┬ácentres – which is Ayurvedic medicine are called Marmas.

A Kansa Wand Massage is so relaxing. ┬áRather than using solely the hands to massage the body using the wand can be a much more gentle experience but it also gentle manipulates the body’s subtle energies to make positive changes.
Massage with a Kansa wand helps to calm down the entire nervous system. The wand can be used to help reduce stress as well as tiredness and is really calming for the whole body.
It can be used for a face massage, body, leg or foot massage.

Using the wand for a facial is lovely as it revitalises the complexion by increasing circulation meaning that the skin releases toxins. Using the wand helps promotes restful sleep, helps rebalance the body’s energies, and truly creates a fabulous treatment.