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Free online yoga

Having practiced Yoga since being in my teens I have always managed to maintain a regular home practice using online videos if I am to unable to attend a class.

So here are some lovely FREE online yoga videos to keep your practice going.  This library will continue to grow so please feel free to pop back at any point to see updated content.

If you’d like to know when a new video is uploaded why not click on the button below so I can send you a link so you can view it first!!




Although I always say that yoga is available to everyone if you have any health issues then it is advisible to consult a  yoga teacher for a face to face session who can advise you on practicing safely. Please consult with your GP before beginning any exercise programme.  By participating in the yoga practice you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities and assume all risk of injury to yourself.  Just remember that Yoga is a  very personal practice so listen to your body.  If there is any pain just come out of a pose.  Don’t over stretch and enjoy.  Julie Totally Holistic Health 

0 – 10 Minute Yoga

10 – 20 minute Yoga 

20 – 30 Minute Yoga Practice

Yin Yoga