Julie Elder Yoga Teacher


Welcome to my Yoga Page.  So what sort of yoga do I teach!??  I offer a variety of classes/types of Yoga – all with an online option if you are not able to attend the studio for any reason.

I offer Hatha Yoga, Yin yoga, Restorative Yoga, Chair Yoga, and meditation. These are all suitable for beginners so if you have been worried about starting then you have nothing to worry about.  We are all super friendly.

ONLINE CLASSES – The benefit of online classes are many –  you don’t need to be based near me  – if you’ve been wanting to join my class and you live further away then this is the perfect time for you to join us!! The online classes are fully interactive – but you have the advantage of not having to drive home afterwards!

If you are  unsure about coming back to studio classes you can be assured that your safety is my top priority so please feel free to pop over and check out my COVID POLICY

Check out the timetable below.

Students attending the studio can bring their own mats if they prefer although mats are provided – and are thoroughly cleaned after use. If you don’t won your own mat you are most welcome to purchase mats/equipment/bags etc from my yoga shop – there are some fabulous discounts on Yoga Kits at the moment.  Check out my yoga shop HERE.  

You are also most welcome to pop over to try my FREE yoga videos.  Just follow the link below.

This Weeks Classes


Another lovely evening’s yoga class with a lovely group of ladies. Every move carefully executed with varied options to suit the needs of individual members. Calm and relaxed atmosphere, broken only by the odd little giggle now and again showing how at ease everyone is with each other, when a lack of concentration causes a wobble, everyone sharing each other’s experience. I am so grateful and pleased to have found Julie’s classes and will continue to attend as often as I can, a time to look forward to. It is great interest in the classes is growing rapidly, with the need for Julie to consider more classes. Good luck Julie you are certainly working hard to achieve success in your chosen vocation, for which you are obviously so well suited to. See you next class. Thank you.

The yoga class is great. It is a small class, which is fantastic. Julie gives you all the attention you need in the class. The pace of the class is great too, it’s not too fast and you don’t get left behind. I really enjoyed the session. A great way to put Monday behind you and to set you up for the week ahead. I was so relaxed going into the evening. Thank you Julie x

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