Totally Holistic Wellbeing Package

Totally Holistic Wellbeing Package – £275 (6 treatments for the price of 5)

Holistic Health means treating the ‘whole’ body – that’s the mind, body and soul!!

Being a multi disciplined therapist has many benefits – but equally my extensive knowledge and over 17 years of practicing has meant that I have an impressive ‘arsenal’ of therapies/self help techniques and tools to help you get the health you want and need to live a happy and healthy life but equally to maintain it.

If you’ve tried ‘everything’ to fix your health problem but feel that you really aren’t getting anywhere!

You may have forgotten how good it feels to be ‘well’!

You are fed up with popping pills that don’t really seem to be helping you!

You would like to take back that responsibility for your own physical and mental health!

At Totally Holistic Health I can offer you the chance to discover the best treatment to suit your needs.

I will show you really effective self care tools that you can use to take back control of your health.

I will support you throughout to not only empower you to make the changes you need BUT support you all the way back to great health.

If this sounds like something you need why not drop me a line so we can discuss your needs and we can put together a treatment plan tailored to you personally!

How it works:

After an in depth consultation together we work out a treatment plan over the next six sessions.  Depending on your needs we may start using some kinesiology to help balance your body and mind and allow us to start from a level playing field.

The following couple of appointments may require us to readdress what we found in week one.  We may also look at cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy if you feel that you are stuck in a habit or situation that is affecting your mental health and causing some stress and anxiety. Using CBH we can work on coping strategies and techniques that will help going forward.  You may only need two or three sessions of CBH.  We can also introduce some yoga and meditation into your sessions and maybe finish off with a lovely relaxing aromatherapy massage or reflexology!

Obviously each plan is personal to you so may focus more on just one or two therapies but the beauty of this approach is that we can work on your body, mind and soul and give you strategies that you can use moving forward.

Treatments that could be included include Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology, Bowen Technique, Private 1 to 1 yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Aromatherapy or Reflexology

This package is for six treatments – these can be weekly, or as required.

Depending on what the issue is you may need more than 6 treatments but together we keep a close track of your progress and will work together to get the best result however it is a two way street and you will need to be prepared to make changes.