Julie Elder of Totally Holistic Health

Totally Holistic Health @ home

We may have slowly emerged from Coronavirus and the restrictions but I know personally the one thing I learnt most was the importance of self care during the last two years.  As we slowly move back into some form of ‘normality’ it would be a shame to forget all that we have learnt during that time.  Stress and anxiety are still prevalent and it’s important to continue with that self care regime – maybe even more now that life has started to open up again.  I think a lot of people realised the importance of the use of complementary therapies in their quest to look after themselves better so why not use the skills I have learnt – and used over the last 16 years of being a therapist and yoga teacher to learn some self care techniques that you can use yourself at home.    Therapies such as Kinesiology, Massage, Reflexology, Yoga and meditation are all fantastic ways of creating and maintaining good health and a strong immunity. Totally Holistic Health @ home was created with that in mind  I have put together some little packages’ that you can follow at home!

Whether you are suffering from stress, having trouble sleeping OR would like to learn mindfulness I can help.