Julie Elder of Totally Holistic Health

Totally Holistic Health @ home

Covid-19 is still amongst us and stress and anxiety-  particularly at this time of year is very prevalent.  Although I am not able to see you in person at the moment always know that I am on hand to offer support.  This is why I am particularly excited that I am now able to offer some packages to help you deal with the uncertainty at this time.   It is now more than ever that we need to really look at Self-Care.  Therapies such as Kinesiology, Massage, Reflexology, Yoga and meditation are all fantastic ways of  alleviating stress and anxiety – which we are all feeling at the moment.  It is also useful to know that YOU are able to practice some of these techniques at home.  Totally Holistic Health @ home was created with that in mind – and using my knowledge of 15 plus years as a therapist and yoga teacher I have out together some little packages’ that you can follow at home!

Whether you are suffering from stress, having trouble sleeping OR would like to learn mindfulness I can help.