So the first point about Kinesiology is how do you pronounce it!!  I just call it “K” but it’s really Kin-easy-ology!!  And what is Kinesiology and more importantly WHY is it the  most effective treatment out there??

In a nutshell Kinesiology is a therapy that uses manual muscle testing to determine where the client may have imbalances in their body systems, and what the client needs in order to restore balance and wellbeing. The roots of kinesiology can be traced back to the American chiropractor George G. Goodheart who, in 1964, identified that the evaluation of normal and abnormal body function could be carried out by muscle testing.

Julie Elder and client doing kinesiology

So how DOES this work??

The basic concept behind Kinesiology is the fact that in order for the body to function correctly and maintain health there should be balance between all the body systems.  In Kinesiology terms this is related to the Mental, Physical,  Energetic  and Chemical components of the body.

Kinesiology, which means “the study of movement”, was discovered by chiropractor George Goodheart in the early 1960’s. He learned to interpret the results that he found when he exerted pressure on a limb to test how a specific muscle was  working.

Goodheart also found that if a muscle wasn’t as strong as the other muscles, he could rub treatment points on the body that acted like switches and turned the muscle back on to full strength.   He realised that if he stimulated certain acupuncture meridians, it  would also restore a muscle’s strength and that each muscle shared a circuit with a meridian and an organ.
This discovery  allowed him get to the root of why some people’s hip, back or knee pain were not improving, or why they needed regular adjustments because treatment would not hold.
He found that he was able to identify and correct muscle malfunctions by finding the cause of their distress. This might be a nutritional imbalance, an emotional stress, or an acupuncture meridian imbalance. He could then apply the best treatment for his patient’s underlying problems.  Treatments worked really well and ‘held’ a lot longer. Since Dr  Goodheart’s original discoveries, other practitioners have developed kinesiology into the amazing diagnostic tool it is today.

Kinesiology uses a range of gentle yet extremely powerful techniques. These restore and maintain health and well-being.  You can function better on all levels. Kinesiology also allows the Kinesiologist to draw on other healing techniques and modalities  and integrate them into the session where appropriate and indicated by the muscle response.

The body has an amazing ability  to heal itself and it is always trying to care for itself. Sometimes however through an imbalance due to stress (mental), a food intolerance that has been ‘undiagnosed’  (Chemical),  nutritional deficiency (chemical) or a physical injury (physical) then the body will eventually become unbalanced and that is where Kinesiology can help.

Why do we need to know the cause??

A great example of this which I use regularly with my clients is if we look at migraine!  Migraine can be caused by a variety of imbalances in the body – it could be a structural issue with the jaw, neck or even coccyx, it could be caused by an emotional stressor or maybe something you’ve eaten (chemical) so if you think of the migraine itself as being the symptom its easier to treat IF you know the cause.

By using different muscles that are related to different energy systems (based on Chinese medicine) we can test where and what the imbalance is. It acts as a natural bio-feedback system where the muscles are the indicators.

Once we have established the reason for the imbalance then we can correct it by various techniques such as massage, colour, Bach flower remedies, and even sound – as a multi-disciplined therapist I can also call on the other modalities that I use such as aromatherapy, Bowen or reflexology to see if they could be used to correct the imbalance.

During a Kinesiology treatment we can help to establish what the root causes of what the imbalances are.

We can see what areas of the body may have energy blockages and imbalances.  We can see if there are areas of the body that may need food supplement support.

What foods can cause the body to be stressed and what foods would be beneficial to you.

We can see if your thoughts are causing you to to become  imbalanced.

What are the benefits?

Because kinesiology works on the body at a very deep level it is particularly useful for releasing stress and past trauma as well as helping with the current physical and mental problems the client is experiencing.

What are the side effects and when should it be avoided?

Because kinesiology is non-invasive it can be used by anyone, including children and the elderly. Clients who attend a kinesiology session for a physical problem may discover, during the course of the consultation, that the physical symptoms are connected to long-buried emotional issues.

Some clients report that, because kinesiology helps to release pent-up stress, they have found themselves responding to the treatment with tears or other strong emotion. Most people say that the muscle testing process is very relaxing and enjoyable.

Conditions Treated:

Low energy
Food Allergies & Sensitivities
Nutritional deficiencies
Low self-esteem
Increased personal performance
Fears, Phobias & Anxieties
Learning Difficulties
Muscular-Skeletal problems
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
M.E./Chronic Fatigue Symptoms and pretty much anything in between!

A great example of how effective kinesiology is was when I was treating a client with a stiff and achy neck.  As with most joint/muscular discomfort I used Bowen technique to treat however after a couple of sessions although the discomfort was getting slightly better it wasn’t really healing as quick as it should have so we decided to try kinesiology.  Using Kinesiology we found that the neck pain was actually being caused by an emotional stressor – so no amount of manipulation would have made any difference as we were not treating the cause of the discomfort.  Using kinesiology we managed to pinpoint what that stressor was, correct it and sure enough the neck discomfort went away – there was NO structural issue at all – and THAT is why Kinesiology is the most effective treatment out there!  Treat the cause NOT the symptom!

So if you’d like to find out WHY you are not feeling yourself, or have been to GP’s and other therapists and not getting the results you should then maybe you should give Kinesiology a go!

My name is Julie Elder and I am a complementary therapist/yoga teacher at Totally Holistic Health.  I am passionate about helping your body stay healthy in a natural and holistic way.

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