As a Therapist and Yoga Teacher I always try to promote Self Care in the run up to Christmas!  As much for myself as well as for my clients.  While the World is rushing faster and faster towards the ‘important date’ and running themselves ragged whilst doing that I try to ensure that my clients really understand the importance of really listening to their bodies.
I like to educate clients that looking after yourself is empowering – the body has an innate ability to heal itself – we just need to slow down and listen!!

We all need to take time out for ourselves – to hibernate a bit in the winter months so these are my top ten tips to stay Stress Free this Christmas.

Do a deep breathing exercise.
Count backwards from 10, breathing low and slow. Try it before a meeting, in the car, or before you greet your kids or partner after a long day

Ask for help with something
No one can do it all alone .  Tap into that support system for some assistance where you feel thin.

Go to bed 30 minutes earlier.
Getting enough sleep can improve your mood, memory, and immune system, according to the Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine — all the more reason to pull on your comfiest jammies a little earlier.

Say no to something.
Take a task off your calendar or move it to a more convenient or less stressful time

Try a 5-minute meditation.
Download a free mindfulness app like Insight Timer and you can do it anywhere when you have a spare moment.

Listen to happy music.
In the car, at home, in the shower. Bonus points if you sing along!

Cross off a Lingering item off your to-do list!
Now’s the time to get it done!

Drink water instead of alcohol or soda today.
You’ll save money and avoid empty calories. Win-win.

Do yoga.
Women who took twice-weekly yoga classes experienced a bigger decrease in chronic stress compared to a control group put on a waitlist, found a 2016 study published in the journal Cogent Psychology.  It doesn’t have to be a full class – just getting on your mat once a day for maybe 10 minutes is actually preferable to one 60 or 90 minute class once a week.  There are lots of fabulous yoga you can do online – why not pop over to my YouTube channel HERE.

Schedule something to look forward to.
Plan a fun day later this month – preferably between Christmas and New Year, whether you sign up for a cooking class, plan a mother-daughter movie marathon, or use the weekend to go on a mini road trip – its great to start the new year refreshed and ready to go.

Taking time out for yourself isn’t selfish (trust me on that).  As I have heard so often – you can’t pour from an empty cup!!

My name is Julie Elder and I am a complementary therapist/yoga teacher at Totally Holistic Health.  I am passionate about helping your body stay healthy in a natural and holistic way.To find out more information on how I can help you please feel free to check out my website at