Holistic Ways to Help Yourself – the Power of Hypnotherapy and CBT

Did you know that the emotions have a far greater control over our thoughts, feelings and general well-being than most people realise.  We’ve all been there I am sure – that little inner voice destroying your confidence and affecting your wellbeing.  The thing is that although this voice has little – if any – basis in fact, it’s highly effective.  It burrows away at your subconscious planting all those feelings of insecurity and anxiety.

If only there were a way to combat this, to plant more productive seeds instead.

Well, there is!  Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy could be just the tool you need to finally be your own cheerleader instead of your own harshest critic.

The Power to Change Your Life

If ever there were two therapies that go hand in hand, then Hypnotherapy and CBT must be the two. The power of hypnotherapy – to help and even empower you to change, stop or improve habits and behaviour is incredible.  Hypnotherapy shouldn’t be confused with light-hearted stage hypnonosis.  Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is evidence based and scientifically proven to be effective.

Combined with the well-documented results available with CBT, these therapies can help change lives. Literally. They give YOU the power.

Take control

The beauty of CBH is that it allows you – the client to have all the control.  As a therapist it is my role to discuss your problems and objectives. Together we look at the stumbling blocks and obstacles that stop you becoming your best self.   And crucially, we look at ways to help you to change or challenge them.  Together once you have agreed on what is to be achieved and a plan of action, we set goals, behavioural experiments or exercises.  The aim of this is to see if those goals are achievable We’ll also use hypnotherapy to help guide you and explore the possible outcomes.

Hypnotherapy can help with all manner of issues and is known to be highly effective in helping patients deal with fears and phobias, stress reduction, dealing with anxiety, insomnia, depression, habit reversal and many other mental health concerns.

Holistic Therapy in Cheadle Hulme

It’s Good to Talk

CBT – or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – combines cognitive therapy that looks at what and how you THINK.  Behavioural therapy looks at what you DO and how you act or react.

Behaviour can be learnt – it is a habit – and if it is causing us stress then it is a bad habit.  And as with all habits they can be unlearnt and and subsequently changed, on the understanding that it’s the reaction to circumstances or situations that form certain behaviours.

Our thoughts – or cognitions and feelings relating to a situation are also relevant here.  Emotional distress can be caused by the thought of a situation or circumstance, not simply the circumstance itself.  Most people aren’t aware of such emotional thoughts but using CBT techniques I am able to allow the client to learn to recognise and describe them. These thoughts tend to be unrealistically negative. By revealing and questioning these thoughts, clients can significantly change their mindset.

Now, if you’ve tried either therapy, you’ll know just how empowering and useful they can be. Put the two together and we are talking some serious psychological help. That efficacy can help in many scenarios and particularly when paired with mindfulness makes for an awesome modality.

As soon as I discovered these amazing treatments, I knew this was something I needed to learn more about, to study and now, to offer to my Totally Holistic Health clients. I can’t wait. And, if you want to make changes, you shouldn’t wait, either. Let’s talk!  If you’d like to find out more – or have a chat please feel free to pop over to my website at https://totallyholistichealth.co.uk/cognitive-behavioural-hypnotherapy/ for more information. 

My name is Julie Elder.  I am an holistic therapist and yoga teacher who specialises in utilising the body’s ability to heal itself using a variety of techniques including Bowen Technique and Kinesiology. I am also an Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Reiki master and  an advocate for pursuing an organic lifestyle.

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Julie Elder
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